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Special Learning Programmes

Specific Learning Programmes

Wonder world literacy and numeracy schemes are designed so that by the end of the session children are confident in basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics.

The following programmes are use to support the elements needed for competent reading and writing:

  • Kinder Dance
  • Listening Programme
  • Phonics Programme

Other topics are planned by the staff to creatively meet the needs of the children taking into account the local area, culture and special celebrations.

Digi Learning”

Digi Learning programme integrate appropriate state-of-the-art technology into the curriculum. Information technology is advancing so quickly that it is important that our children are taught the skills that they will need in life. Fun activities related to music, dance and language through – SMART BOARD

Under the following themes the activities are planned and executed on –

  • Space
  • Home and School
  • Communication and Transport
  • Life skills

Play – A Constant Source Of Fun And Happiness”

Child development experts agree that play is very important in the learning and emotional development of all children. It is a fun experience for the child. Often many skills can be learned through play. Play helps children learn relationships and social skills and develop values and ethics. Play should always be considered an essential part of a child’s early.

Functional Play”

Helps children to develop motor skills. This kind of play is normally done with toys or objects that are stackable, can be filled with water or sand or playing outdoors. Water play or sand play is a favourite amongst pre-school children and is a valuable teaching tool.

Constructive Play”

Characterized by building or creating something. Toys that encourage this kind of play are simple puzzles, building blocks, easy craft activities and puppets. Hand and fingers are the best art tools. Soon they will manage thick paint brushes, wedges of sponge, wax crayons and thick chalks. Toddlers also enjoy play dough because they can get hands and fingers in it for poking, rolling and shaping. This type of play develops thinking and reasoning skills, problem solving and creativity.

Role Play”

Allows children to express themselves and events in their lives, practise social skills, learn values, enhance language skills and develop a rich imagination.

Board Games”

Simple card games, ball games or skipping games that have specific rules will teach children co-operation, mutual understanding and logical thinking.

L- Playground”

Can be turned into a learning experience for a child. The equipment installed is to be properly supervised and ensure the material is safe and child friendly. A safe environment of the playground allows the gross motor skills to develop.