School Address: 216-A, Near BTM Chowk, Ashoka Road(Jamai Road), Bhiwani, Haryana – 127021

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Welcome children and parents to DELHI WONDER WORLD, BHIWANI. I pray that you will discover that our school is a place where your children will grow, learn and be learned. We are proud to offer a complete series of genuine Pre-school learning materials, and are proud of our commitment to offer a rich and varied programme that remains true to the methods and precepts developed by DELHI WONDER WORLD.

This upcoming school year will be an exciting time in your children’s life as they become involved in a program of play and learning experiences that are appropriate for their ages. We offer supplementary group activities in art, music and storytelling that enrich the creative/imaginative horizon of a child’s mind and foster self-expression, communication and the spirit of working together.

At DELHI WONDER WORLD, we will guide your child through the concrete/sensorial domain of development to the abstract/conceptual, while fostering the creative/imaginative horizon with the goal of allowing each child to construct his or her own unique self.

We are aligned with the thoughts of Buddha:

“Each morning, we are born again
What matters the most is whether we have given our best today”.