School Address: 216-A, Near BTM Chowk, Ashoka Road(Jamai Road), Bhiwani, Haryana – 127021

Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

I welcome all the prospective parents to DELHI WONDER WORLD, BHIWANI. I had felt a need of a unique education institute in BHIWANI, where students might achieve expertise in modern and scientific education along with value-based education, possess good physique, well learned and skilled personality. Education is the basis of all progress.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you an institution which firmly believes in ethos of academic excellence, proactive community involvement and upstanding citizenship which are integral part of Indian mosaic. We believe that with your support and our expertise, we can help in shaping a generation that rises above the challenges of modern times, excelling in everything they do and setting example for their peers.

DELHI WONDER WORLD is a first of its kind in Bhiwani and our basic objective is to impart both Value based and formal education using state of the art modern technology at par with international standards.

We are very much pleased to introduce this great educational institute based on godliness and the favours of Almighty Creator.

We hope and pray Almighty Cherisher that it could perform its duties and obligations at its best in spreading the message of peace.