School Address: 216-A, Near BTM Chowk, Ashoka Road(Jamai Road), Bhiwani, Haryana – 127021

Encouraged Kids


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Welcome to Delhi Wonder World

Till this day we all have deprived our tiny tots, of the right and ideal environment to blossom so that they would be able to bring out the best in themselves in a natural way thus providing us with an opportunity to know them better and hone up their skills and talents, laying a foundation for their future life.

In early childhood we want our children to have fun, be happy, feel safe and grow in confidence which today’s play schools miss out. Though the best ones in the country make tall promises with all modern infrastructures and facilities, what they probably forget or fail to provide in the true sense is the real care and guidance which any natural parent would long to give to his child in order to help the child develop the ability to be creative, independent thinker and problem solver.

Here at Delhi Wonder World, Bhiwani things are absolutely different. From day one, our highly qualified and experienced teachers and assistants work dedicatedly to instil a sense of resilience and perseverance through fun and stimulating hands – on experience that celebrate individual abilities and talents.

It is only here that we provide a rich combination of daily self-initiated activities, guided lessons and small and large group interactions. Our core program is enriched by strong partnerships with parents and regular lessons with specialists in art, performing art, music and dance.

This is where Delhi Wonder World is different.

Unique Strategies

As part of knowledge and understanding of the world, all topics and related activities must include the following:

  •      DIGI LEARNING:   Digi Learning programme integrate appropriate state-of-the-art technology into the curriculum. Delhi Wonder world siliguri introduce digi learning from play
  •      STRETCH AND LEARN:   Stretch and learn is the programme for pre-schoolers based on age, appropriate rhymes and songs.
  •      ECO ADVENTURERS:   FThe programme enables children to explore and experience with the wonderful world of nature.
  •      TOUCH AND LEARN:   Circle time and story time to enhance bonding and empathizing.
  •      BIO DIVERSITY:   How biotic system interconnect and rely on each other through activities showing dependence of a sapling on sunshine, air and water for growth.
  •      MINI MAESTRO PROGRAMME- ENHANCING MUSICOLOGY:   Love of music is extremely important for young children’s learning.
Why Early Childhood Education

Early childhood care and education should aim to facilitate optimum development of the child’s full potential and lay the foundation for all round development and lifelong learning. It is an active and interactive process in which children learn through play and through interaction. When children are actively engaged with their social, cultural experiences and psychomotor competencies they constantly assimilate and use new information to make sense of their experiences. Early childhood care and education is critical for the development of emotional control, habitual ways of responding, language and literacy, symbols and relative quality, all of which impact school learning and academic achievement well into later years.

Special Features

A picturesque campus built especially for children to learn, play and grow. A place, which makes a child feel comfortable and secure.

  1.      Authentic learning which is relevant to the lives of children and makes them responsive and responsible.
  2.      Inquiry based learning.
  3.      Music sessions and rhyme time to encourage children to develop auditory and language skills.
  4.      State of the art infirmary services to take care of children in case of illness.
  5.      Well trained security guards, CCTV camera, smoke detectors and child safe switches to ensure a safe, healthy and secured.
  6.      Pleasing and colourful décor with the highest safety standards.
  7.      Positive environment.
  8.      Excellent educators who are dedicated, loving and encouraging.
  9.      Support staff is caring which assures that the child is in a safe hand.
  10.      Activity Hub for training in dance, vocal and instrumental music.